Lignocellulose and cellulose

Under the JELUVET庐 and JELUCEL庐 brand names, we manufacture lignocellulose and cellulose to form a supplement to animal feed and pet food. Our products are used as:

Lignocellulose and cellulose improve the health of livestock and pets

JELUVET庐 and JELUCEL庐 are used as supplement for livestock feed and pet food.

JELUVET庐 lignocellulose

JELUVET庐 is an all-natural lignocellulose with a high crude fibre content. The recommended crude fibre ration for livestock can be achieved by adding only a small amount to the feed. JELUVET庐 is nutrient-independent and has a positive effect on animal production and animal health.

JELUCEL庐 crude fibre

Our JELUCEL庐 crude fibre consists of 100% cellulose. Having a very high crude fibre content, this natural product reduces the energy density of pet food. Therefore, JELUCEL庐 is suitable as a crude fibre component to be used in the manufacture of energy-reduced pet food. JELUCEL庐 helps to reduce the weight of overweight pets, thus improving their quality of life.